Return to Player (RTP) Explained

Understanding Return to Player - RTP in NetEnt slots. Exploring the facts

Return to player is a very common term in online slots. It’s a term used very frequently in describing online slots. This article seeks to delve deeper into the topic and demystify this commonly used term. In this article, we will also seek to address how RTP affects your chances of making some bucks at your favourite slot. Additionally, we will look at how to ensure that you have more chances of winning by choosing slots that come with high RTPs. Click netentcasinos to read more.


RTP in Online Slots Explained

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player. It is a term that casinos use to describe the amount of money that supposedly could come back to you in the long run after you wager on a slot. For instance, if you make 100 bets, all of $1 on a slot machine that offers a 90%. Of course, you may need to understand that these parameters are measured in the long run. Ideally, this is over an infinite number of spins. Read more at

Understandably, anything could happen in the short term. You perhaps need to look at long term Short term volatility versus predictability. This means that you should only wager on a sum of money that you are comfortable losing if lady luck doesn’t fall on your side. You may also have noted that RTP in a large way presents the flip of a house advantage. For instance, you could infer that if a machine has a house advantage of 20%, its RTP is 80%.

  • This machine could keep 20% of the wagered money and return to you 80%.

One aspect that goes hand in hand with slot RTPs is the hit frequency. Hit frequency in online casino slots refers to how the frequency at which a casino machine will halt a winning combination. For instance, if a machine comes with an 8% hit frequency, it will block winning combinations at least 8% of the time. You also may need to understand that quite a number of slots come with multiple betting lines. The hit frequency affects in a large way, the number of winnings you can make.

Truths and Myths About RTP in Slots

As we wrap up the article, let’s now look at some myths and truths about RTPs that have previously been peddled. While some people are of the opinion that casinos could alter the RTP of slots during player sessions, this is absolutely false. Indeed, most online slots do not offer their own slots. They just rent slots from game developers. Indeed, the games are stored in servers of various game developers. For this reason, a casino doesn’t have access to such game features.

Further, there has been word going around that RTP isn’t relevant, more so if you are playing a game for just one session. This could both be true or even untrue. While a lot could happen in a single session in a single slot, this piece of information isn’t as crucial as some players make it sound. Notably, on average a slot that offers 96% RTP is better than those that offer 85%. More specifically, RTP really matters if you will be on one slot for a long time.

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